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tv   Fox 5 Morning News at 425am  FOX  September 8, 2010 4:25am-5:00am EDT

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good wednesday morning. it is september 8, 2010 as we get a live look at the washington monument. we've had a beautiful stretch of days but the heat is making a comeback. it doesn't look like we have any rain from the forecast. let's go straight over to tucker to find out how the weather is looking on this midweek. >> hi, gurvir. >> hi, tucker. >> here comes the camera.
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it was hot yesterday, 94 degrees at reagan national. no fooling around with the heat. a little cooler today as a cold front comes through and we'll get a little breezy out there as well with winds out of the west gusting to about 25 miles per hour. let's get to it. 76 at reagan national. 73 currently in ocean city so look at all the 70s out there. very mild start to the day. cold front just out to the west and that will start moving in as we get into the afternoon hours. some cloud cover i think to start the day. most of the shower activity will stay to the south and to the north. kind of getting split here. there is your front. can you see it there just to the west. as that moves through, our temperatures won't cool down much today. the real cold, cool air gets in here later tonight. early clouds, afternoon sun as that frontal system gets east of us. winds out of the west 15 to 20. high temperature, 89 degrees. more details on the forecast
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coming up in just a couple of minutes. back to you. >> thank you. we want to take a look at our top stories. a woman is found dead and a man believed to be the father of one of her children was found seriously injured at the apartment they shared along majors lane in columbia, maryland. the victimmed were discovered after a fire broke out in that home but police don't think the fire killed the mother of four. nobody else was hurt. that fire is now under investigation. the florida church planning to burn korans on september 11th is not backing down even after the white house and state department criticized that move. the koran is the holiest book for muslims. the reverend terry jones insists the constitution protects his right to publicly burn coppies of the book. election day is less than one week away and the base for d.c. mayor is getting intense. incumbent mayor fenty is fighting to keep his seat. laura evans has the latest from the campaign trail. >> some people say adrian fenty
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has turned his back on droictd residents. as his former deputy chief of staff, i can say they're right. >> reporter: a jab at mayor adrian fenty with testimonials from former fenty support he's and staffers font and center on his opponent vince gray's web site. >> some people say mayor adrian fenty is not inclusive. as a former staffer and supporter, i couldn't agree more. >> reporter: a return punch from the mayor via youtube on a comment gray made in last week's debate here on fox 5 saying the council chair refused to admit to past mistakes. >> what mistake have you made as chairman of city council or serving on council. >> well, i am very proud of the record. >> the whole purpose of a campaign is to get as many votes as humanly possible. so we're working hard from sunrise to sundown to vince as many people to come over and support us. we know our opponents are doing the same thing. >> reporter: right now, it
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appears fenty may not have the vote if the polls are any indication. incumbent did pick up an endorsement from the washington examiner. perhaps proof of the economic development, a new six-acre anacostia waterfront park and marina. both candidates spored this project and both were there for the ribbon cutting. >> one, two, three, cut. >> all right! yeah. with the campaign ever present on his mind, gray wasn't just focused on this project. he also talked about the growing discord in the mayor's race. he is now asking to have police officers stationed at all polling places on election day. >> i'm talking about everybody. i've said to my own people, listen, we want you to do what you came there for and that is to help promote our campaign, not interact negatively with
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other people. the latest "washington post" poll shows gray leading fenty by 17% of hikely voters. there is no republican challenger which means theperson would wins next tuesday has a lock on the general election. stay with us. before we have much more still ahead. fox 5 morning news at 4:30 begins now. it is midweek, wednesday, september 8, 2010 as we get a live look at the washington monument. we've had kind of a warm stretch of days here as we head into september. tucker says things may be cooling down just a little bit which would be nice. thank you for joining us early. i'm gurvir dhindsa. tucker is here now too to bring us another look at the weather. >> yesterday wasn't warm. it was hot. >> yeah, it was pretty warm. >> 94 degrees. that is hot for this time of year with record high temperatures. the 55th day with temperatures above 90. a lot of heat across the area. today will be a touch cooler
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but you notice the wind will pick up and tomorrow, awesome. only better from here. let's get to it. still warm out there at this hour. not cooling off a whole lot overnight. our temperatures are still well into the 70s. 76 at reagan national. our frontal system that will bring us the cooler air out to the west so the winds are shifted out of the south here up ahead of the front. not well organized out there. we'll see a few clouds in the morning forecast, maybe a sprinkle. it is possible a few of us will see a sprinkle but i think unfortunately today will feature more dry weather and as that front gets through here, our winds will pick up and the cooler air gets in here tonight and starts to set in for the end of the week. the rest of the week looks great. 89 this afternoon in washington. 86 in winchester with breezy conditions and pretty of afternoon sunshine.
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so generally another dry day today. more details on the forecast, a look at the weekend. we do have rain in the five- day. that is coming up. >> thank you. julie is in with a look at traffic on this wednesday. >> good morning to you. no accidents reported right now around town. our big story will be the ongoing water main break repairs along 410, the east- west highway as you approach the bw parkway. the through lanes are blocked and the shoulder lanes are open. 270 a quiet start so far out of hyattstown headed in towards germantown. no trouble spots to report on 395. traffic volume moving at speed as you head north of landmark. making headlines, atlantis a mystery unfolding after a fire inside a maryland apartment. a one was found dead and a man
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seriously injured but not pause of the fire. that fire broke out just before 3:00 yesterday afternoon at a complex on majors lane in ward county police say both the man and woman discovered inside the apartment they shared had visible physical injuries that were not caused by fire or smoke. neighbors gathered in horror following the evacuation. >> i heard one of her daughters knocking at the door and she was screaming saying mommy, mommy, wake up being open the door and she wouldn't answer her phone. she wouldn't open up the door. >> she was a beautiful person, a beautiful, beautiful woman. it is just heart wrenching that somebody did this. >> family members say the man who survived lived in the apartment and is the father of one of the woman's four children. police do not believe anybody else was involved. a man accused of firing a rifle at his ex-girlfriend has surrendered to police. investigators say joshua prince tried to shoot his ex-
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girlfriend at a parking garage in bethesda. he missed. she got away. two schools near the parking garage went on lockdown while police searched for prince. he ended up in pennsylvania where he eventually turned himself in. montgomery county police are looking for a man would broke into a bethesda home and stole several gunned. this happened along dorsett avenue. police say three people were home when the suspect knocked on the back door. when somebody answered the door, he forced his way inside. nobody was hurt. the man got away with four handguns. a string of robberies near the university of maryland's college park campus has police on alert this morning. there have been six incidents in the last couple of weeks. one student who does for the want his identity revealed tells fox 5 that he had just moved in and was walking with a friend when two men approached him. >> we were walking back and i didn't even see the guys coming. they ran up behind me and put a gun to my head and told me that -- to give them my cash. he put the gun to my head and started rummaging through my
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pockets and telling me he was going to kill me if i didn't cooperate. i cooperated with what he said, i gave him my cash. i told him we didn't want any problems. take it. take whatever you want. >> university police along with prince george's county police have increased patrols in that area. our big story is the closely watched race for d.c. mayor. mayor adrian fenty is still chairing council chairman vincent gray in the polls and now the candidates are taking aim at each other with new tax ads as voters get ready to head to the polls less than two weeks from now. sarah simmons is joining us live this morning from an early voting center in northwest washington with all the details. good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning. you know this race is very contentious and things are really heating up. both of the candidates, viciousent gray and adrian fenty are pulling out the stops here in this battle for mayor. it is not just on the campaign trail that they are battling things out but on the web as
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well. vince grey's web site displays testimonials from former fenty supporters and staff members. meanwhile, on the mayor's web site, he takes a shot at the council chair saying that gray refuses to admit to past mistakes. now, both were present for a ribbon cutting of a new six- acre waterfront park and marine a something that the mayor pushed for as part of his economic development plan for the city. now, as this race heats up, we heard last night on fox 5 news at 10:00 from grey supporter councilman marion barry and ron moten, a community activist with peaceaholics who supports adrian fenty. take a listen to what they had to say. >> what about the people? what about jobs for the parents of the students and kids that go to recreation centers?
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what about the minority business program. it was 45%. it is down to 30-some percent in term of minority local small business people. he manages by press conferences as opposed to managing. when is the last time people in this community saw him in a neighborhood outside of a press conference. >> adrian fenty has made some mistakes just like marion barry has made some mistakes. i'm kind of surprised that marion wouldn't greet to give somebody who has changed the see and i have quite a different opinion than my icon, marion barry, when he said things have changed. we have four new rec centers 1,678,000 units of housing for the homeless. you can take the last four mayors together and they won't have 1,000 units for the homele in d.c. >> reporter: fenty has received a glowing endorsement from the washington examine fore his work on schools, crime in the community and his economic development plans. we'll wait until next tuesday
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as to who the vote ares will endorse. that is the late here in northwest. back to you. >> thank you. more backlash against one church leader's plan to burn coppies of the koran. you are watching fox 5 morning news. know the stain. after an alpaca? i have. it was awesome. ♪ call 1-800-steemer
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blueberry cheesecake, and peach cobbler. and because it's activia, it helps regulate my digestive system. mmm. works for me. ♪ activia new activia dessert. there were some frightening moments on board a thai airways flight from bangkok. it landed safely in los angeles last night after a written bomb threat was found inside one of the bathrooms on board the plane. officials say there were about 200 passengers and crew on board. they are all being interviewed by investigators. the bomb technicians found no explosives on the plane. plans by a florida pastor to burn the koran sparked protest afghanistan to here in washington.
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the government is stepping up the pressure on the preacher. first the white house and the state department weighed in and now secretary of state hillary clinton is condemning the plans. as bob barnard reports, the pastor says he still plans to burn of koran. >> reporter: the 58-year-old gainesville florida minister, terry jones, says he plans to mark the ninth anniversary of the september 11th terrorist attacks this weekend by burning coppies of the holy book of islam, the koran. >> i think what we are doing through our action, we are revealing that actually islam is much more dangerous, much more violent than people would like to believe. >> reporter: in washington, leaders of the interfaith community held an emergency meeting with attorney general eric holder. >> to quote the attorney general, he called the gainesville planned burning of korans idiotic and tape russ. >> the fundamental message of what it means to be an american under the first amendment and culturally that is religous
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minorities do not stand alone. >> what is going on in gainesville is in no way participate right rottic or religous. >> reporter: general david petraeus, commander of u.s. forces in afghanistan, was the first u.s. official to speak out saying, quote, images of the burning of the koran would undoubtedly be used by extremists in afghanistan and around the world to inflame public opinion and incite violence. >> as he said, it puts our troops in harm's way and obviously any type of activity like that would be -- that puts our troops in harm's way would be a concern to this ad mrgt. >> we think that these are provocative acts. they are disrespectful. they are intolerant. they are divisive. >> reporter: and already sparking violent protests in the muslim world, in this case, in afghanistan. as for the koran burning? >> it may not be a violation of the law, it may be an act of free speech t certainly violates our sense of decency.
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>> i hope there is a legal way to stop it. if not, then to isolate and ignore. >> reporter: bob barnard, fox 5 news. >> thank you. a day of fun incident runt bid one slippery situation. coming up next, caught on video, chairs, table, everything in sight sent on a wild ride. we'll explain this video. back to school can be a real headache for your children. we're talking migraines. we'll have tips to get your children ready for the school work. we need some rain. ill ahe let you know when that -- i'll let you know what that arrives. julie wright coming up with your on-time traffic right after the break. twizzlers. the twist you can't resist.
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welcome back. take a look at this newly released video which shows a cruise ship hitting rough waters. this closed circuit television is aboard the pacific sun. it weptd through a storm in 2008. you can see the boat rocking from the impact of the huge waves and the furniture sliding around all over the place. dozens of people were injured. the cruise line reportedly offered passenger as a discount on their next cruise. we don't know yet if anybody decided to take that offer. >> is that fun? imay reconsider an offer like that after going through something like this. >> i've heard stories like that before. of a he had friends that had
4:47 am
the same problem. >> we've hay pretty decent stretch of days although a little bit warm but you are promising cooler weather around the corner. >> yesterday, no doubt about it. it was hot yesterday. >> it was hot. i had the day off but -- >> 94 degrees at reagan national. the real cool stuff gets in tonight and tomorrow will be fabulous. today will be nice too. let's get to it. we'll start talking temperatures and yesterday, i mentioned that it was 94 degrees. >> thank you mention it was 94? >> i mentioned it about eight times. 9 # yesterday at dulles. 91 at bwi marshall. -- 92 yesterday at dulles. here are your temperatures. 76 at reagan national. 72 in frederick.
4:48 am
76 in quantico. our winds are out of the south and that is helping to keep the temperatures up this morning with light cloud cover out there. temperatures definitely on the mild side. 7273 in leonardtown. still going to be warm today. upper 80s to about 90. our winds will pick up. that will mix up the atmosphere a little bit t should feel better. the wind are out of the south. i mentioned the warm temperatures. before a frontal system that will shift the wind out of the west t will be breezy at times with winds gusting about 15, 0, maybe 25 miles per hour as this cold front gets pushing through. there is another look at it. just a couple of light sprinkles associated with it pushing into the washington area. it is possible you could see a light sprinkle. i think most of the area unfortunately will be dry. i know we need the rain shower activity. there is a bigger look. much cooler, much drier air behind this and you are really going to notice the temperatures. they will be nice and cool here as we get into thursday and friday.
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that is the remnants of tropical storm hermine and you can see it there spinning across texas. got to clean a close eye on this. some of this can get picked up and thrown towards the washington area as we get into sunday. i know that is a big day for football. we'll keep our fingers crossed we can keep the moisture out of there for sunday. we could get some showers and thunderstorms around here during the day on saturday with some of that moisture there out across central texas. our forecast, early clouds, afternoon sun. i mentioned the afternoon breezes. winds oust west at 15 to 0 miles per hour. the all-important five-day forecast, look at the cooler air. thursday, friday, highs only in the 70s. i'll take it. saturday, 81 looks great. cloud occupy sunday. showers and thunderstorms return to the forecast by sunday afternoon. about a 40, 50% chance we'll see some rain on sunday. that is awe look at the forecast. let's get to on-time traffic and the one and only julie wright. julie? >> 77 degrees. good gracious. i'll have to pull out the scarf and mittens. >> it won't be that bad. >> on the roads right now, you will find lanes are open if you are traveling in on 66 towards
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the capital beltway from manassas. no problems to reported leaving business 34. northbound i-95, this is where they had a stretch of roadwork lined up north of triangle tying up a couple of lanes. it appears we do have all lanes open in the main lines as you continue northbound. no trouble spots to report leaving woodbridge headed up towards springfield. southbound 270 looking good out of gaithersburg. all lane are open as you leave mva headed out towards 370. they are dealing with a water main break. you will find that the through lanes are closed off right now but the shoulder lanes are what is getting you by. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. dozens of loudoun county residents are expressing their opinion abouts a proposed ban of religous holiday displays on the grounds of the county courthouse. last year, the county board decided to allow up to 10 groups to install displays on the ground at a time. >> i would implore you on
4:51 am
behalf of our citizens of all faiths to allow those displays to continue. these are the critical tenets of what our civilization is built on, freedom of speech and freedom of religion wrote proper place for religious displays is on religous or private way, everyone is treate fairly. all rights are preserved. the majority religion enjoys no special privilege and the constitution suffers no insult or injury. a health alert now that may have you stocking occupy grapefruit. past studies have suggested it is a weight loss food and now researchers say it may help treat type two diabetes. they say it helps increase the body's sensitivity for insulin and incurrents the liver to
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burn fat rather than storing it. time to start getting those flu shots. giant grocery stores are offering seasonal flu shots at that pharmacies. it will cost you $25 with your giant card. this year's vaccine protects against seasonal flu as well as h1n1. for children who suffer from migraines, back to school time can be painful. one doctor says these children don't need to suffer if they're prepared. we have a report. >> reporter: daniel singer from wood cliff lake, new jersey is an active 15-year-old. a musician and a journalist writing for his high school newspaper. >> this was the one that i wrote. >> right on the front page? >> yeah, right on the front page. >> reporter: but since he was in preschool, daniel has suffered from debilitating migraine headaches several times a week. >> it is really tough for me to write or just to do anything
4:53 am
that really takes a lot of focus while i have a migraine. >> it is about to get even tougher now that the time to get back to school. >> getting ready for school? >> yep. >> reporter: since he was eight, daniel has been coming to dr. larry newman, director of the headache institute at roosevelt hospital in manhattan. dr.newman knows firsthand how difficult migraines can be. he has had them since he was 11 years old. >> you were in school and this happened to you, what did do you? >> when i was in in school with these headaches, i didn't have a diagnosis or a treatment and i had to suffer. i would go home early. >> reporter: but he says kids don't have to suffer or miss school if they are prepared. >> when you go back to school, as important as picking your books out and your pens out is to pick a plan to limit the number of headaches you have. >> reporter: he calls it planting the seeds for success. seeds stands for sleep. teenagers need eight to 10 hours a neat. eat frequent meals during the
4:54 am
day. exercise often, drink a lot of water and manage stress. >> if i realize a migraine is coming on, i have to get up and leave and go to the nurse's office. >> reporter: parents should notify the cool nurse before school starts an give them medication so they have it available. daniel's father says they also e-mail each of his teachers so they know exactly what to expect. >> if you should notice that he is maybe twisting off, you shouldn't necessarily take to to mean that he is disinterested or not trying. coming up next, is albert haynesworth on his way out of washington? we have the latest on trade rumors. plus, we'll hear from one redskins player who is a little bit tired of hearing about this haynesworth drama. why this is man camping out on a rooftop? it is a protest but he says he is not doing it for himself. we'll explain. you guys hungry? thank you for noticing.
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we have more on the albert haynesworth saga. according to reports, the redskins have contacted habes worth's former team, the tennessee titans, about a possible trade. so far, there is no deal but the titans do appear to be interested. haynesworth played the majority of the pre-season finale against the cardinals while all of the starters had that game off. the skins coaching staff is apparently dispieptd with haynesworth's performance. yesterday, brian orakpo came it his defense. >> i'm tired of that. he is a big part of this team. he is a great player. he is ready to play. we are all excited to be playing with one another again. we've been practicing very well as a team. defense looking great. i can't wait to get out there and put everything together. >> we'll see what happens. a man hold a protest on the roof of a michigan building. he says it is not about calling attention to himself but to the
4:58 am
issue of high unemployment. we have more on this man's hunger strike. >> reporter: 56-year-old bill riney is -- >> a little bit crazy. >> some may say that or this. >> eye nice guy. >> what the heck is he doing up here? he plans to stay put but people would know bill say he is a passionate man on a peculiar mission, a peaceful protest to get politicians to pay attention. atop this five-story building, bill says this. >> i'm trying to get a point across that we need some jobs out here for people. >> reporter: jobs now, he cries and no more empty promises from those people playing politics. a message that man says is worth stafning for so he is on a hunger strike. he has done this before. >> i did it for three days on a hunger strike. >> it is appear attention
4:59 am
getter f it gets people's attention, and trying to prove his pointed, it is obviously working. >> i kind of agree with him we need to do something with our economy. but to be on top after a county building. >> he got a lad ferreira home to get up there but police want him to get down. >> i'm really sorry i'm causing so much ipse korean i called them and told them that it was a peaceful demonstration and that no harm to anybody. i just want to be up here and left alone if a few days. >> i think it is cool he is standing up for something. >> he is going to do his thing. we all do our thing here. this is ann arbor. so what can you say? >> i think it will just make him get in trouble, which sucks. >> bill has the people bringing him water and singing a few songs. >> people are oried


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